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Automate your investor outreach campaigns

Outreach campaign automation puts fundraising on steroids and help Founders:
find the best investors from our database of 100k+ investors
use our templates and recommendations to draft unique intro emails that get responses
put your outreach campaigns on auto-pilot and monitor what works and what doesn't
automate follow up emails and investor updates

Variables are automatically filled out by the campaign engine. Users don't need to replace them, it will dynamically populate entries when emails are sent out.
Note that variables are indicated in green double curly brackets {{ variable }}, while text that has to be manually filled out is highlighted in blue single square brackets [XXX].

For example:
"Hi {{ investorFirstName }},
I wanted to let you know that we are ready to close {{ startupName }} seed round with $[XXX]k already in the bank."

--> {{ investorFirstName }} and {{ startupName }} get automatically populated with your prospect's first name and startup name. You only need to update $[XXX]k with your manual entry.

Here are all the variables available:
{{ investorFirstName }} => Investor's first name
{{ investorLastName }} => Investor's last name
{{ investorVertical }} => Vertical in which the investor is investing (i.e CleanTech, FinTech, PropTech,...). We automatically select the vertical in common with the one indicated on your startup profile or the investor's default vertical.
{{ investorCity }} => Investor's city. Wrap your sentence between {% if investorCity %}{% endif %} in case we do not have this data.
{{ investorFund }} => Investor's Fund. Wrap your sentence between {% if investorFund %}{% endif %} in case this investor does not work at a fund.
{{ lastDeal }} => Investor's last official investment by chronological order. Wrap your sentence between {% if lastDeal %}{% endif %} in case we do not have a previous investment on record.
{{ startupName }} => Your startup name
{{ trackingLink }} => Automatically generated tracking link specific to this campaign
{{ signature }} => Your founder's name

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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