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The benefits of Angels Partners for Founders

What are the main benefits of using Angels Partners?

It gives you direct access to hundreds of active investors in our online community prospecting on our platform.
It provides you with a database of 100,000+ external investors with all you need to know about them (sectors of interest, past investments, LinkedIn profile)
It empowers you with investor templates that guarantee responses for you to book more meetings.
It lets you generate tracking links to monitor which investor viewed your profile and downloaded your deck.
Bonus: it provides you with a rich list of the most important startup documents from Y Combinator (legals, financials, incorporation, strategy...).

What type of startups get accepted on the platform?

We accept early-stage start-ups, from pre-revenue up to growth stage, with high ambition and the potential to scale and transform their entire industry. We are mostly tech-focused but work with a wide range of startups from CleanTech to Consumer brands.

What is the typical investment ticket size?

Startups generally look to raise between $100K and $10m (pre-seed, seed, series A).

What type of investors are available on the platform?

We have 2 types of investors listed on the platform: private investors (HNWI, business angels) and Venture Capital funds.

How many startup applications do you receive?

We have had over 10,000 applications submitted last year alone, and thousands of connections have been made between entrepreneurs and investors.
You can read about us here on Business Insider:

This year on a weekly basis, we screen thousands of projects, shortlist hundreds and accept between 10 and 20 of the most promising projects.

How many investors do you have on the platform?

Our investors are broken down into two categories: investor community and investor database.
We have hundreds of active internal investors in our investor community.

IMPORTANT: an active investor is an investor on our platform who connected at least once over the past 30 days, we do not keep inactive profiles on our platform to keep our community dynamic.

Additionally, we provide access to an impressive database of 100,000+ external investors.

Where are the investors located?

Our investors are mostly located in the US (70%) and EU (25%), we do have some investors located in Canada, Australia and Asia but that represents less than 5% of our panel of investors. We are constantly enriching this list and onboarding new investors every week.

What is the average time it takes to close investments?

The investment speed varies based on the vertical, stage, revenues, team and the overall quality of your project. We do not monitor the average time to close a round. Some startups are overachieving by connecting with dozens of investors in a few weeks while others do not attract as much attention.

To increase your odds, we encourage you to:
complete your full startup profile and material
make your startup attractive by providing the key stats and traction numbers (last month revenues, number of customers, number of prospects, number of proof of concepts,...)
be diligent with investors. Try to send intros to lots of investors. Our filters will help you refine your search for the ideal prospects. However, fundraising is a numbers game and you will need dozens of intros to yield a few meetings that will convert into 1-2 commitments.

How to maximize the number of introductions and meetings?

If you are serious about fundraising and want to max out the potential of the platform, you want to use our paid Founder plans. That will give you access to all the features to yield rapid results. More details on our pricing plans here:

How does the Ping system work?

We offer a simple way to accelerate your fundraising by pinging internal investors individually (against a small fee to avoid spamming). Each ping sends your deck directly into an investor mailbox. You also appear on top of the investor's dashboard until they accept or decline your invitation. We suggest you create a list of potential investors in your industry/location/investment range and ping them all when you're ready to accelerate your round in order to create momentum. Alternatively, you can ping investors who viewed your profile to catch their attention.

What is the success rate of your platform?

The success rate greatly depends on the project’s overall quality. Startups that highlight traction, revenues, and a great team usually perform better.

Since we do not have access to your mailbox we cannot track every conversation with every customer we work with. However, we can track how many meetings startups get from using our platform. From the analysis of thousands of campaigns, we found that 76% of our customers had at least one meeting with an investor. 52% of our customers had more than 3 meetings from using our platform.

Other than access to capital, what other benefits do you provide?

Generally, investors offer their expertise to founders and provide invaluable help through feedback, pitch deck reviews, network connections and strategic recommendations.

How much investment has been made through the platform last month?

While we proud ourselves of generating meaningful introductions, it is hard for us to track the entire fundraising interactions and the closed investments that result from those intros.
Generally, founders and investors take the advanced conversations offline to negotiate amounts, terms and clauses. We do not take part in those conversations and leave it entirely at the discretion of the founders and investors.

Do you take any commission or charge any success fee?

None! We do not collect any fee from the money raised on Angels Partners. All the credit goes to the founders and investors for making it happen!

As we do not manage investment rounds, once a connection is made, our job is done.

Do investors offer convertible debt, debt equity or direct equity?

It depends on each investor. They generally mention their preference on their profile. You can feel free to indicate your preferred investment type when interacting with investors.

Do you require investors to be accredited to get accepted on the platform?

Every US investor must be an accredited investor to gain access to our platform.
This requirement is subject to change shortly based on the recent SEC amendments SEC Modernizes the Accredited Investor Definition.

For UK investors, we check against the public registry of the companies house to confirm that they partook in previous rounds of fundings.

EU investors are permitted to participate based on a demonstrated level of financial sophistication (Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor).

Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor demonstrate experience with early stage investments through work experience or otherwise. Examples include:
- being a member of syndicate or network of business angels for at least 6 months
- having made more than one investment in an unlisted company in the last two years
- having worked in a professional capacity in the private equity sector or financing small and medium sized firms in the last two years
- being a director of a company with annual turnover of minimum $1m or equivalent, in the last two years

Updated on: 24/01/2024

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