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How do I get accepted into Angels Partners?

All you need to know to get accepted into Angels Partners.

What are your decision criteria to list a startup?
We look for promising early-stage start-ups, from pre-revenue up to Series A, that can scale to create or transform an industry. We are mostly tech-focused but work with a wide range of startups from BioTech to Consumer Brand.

We select startups the way an investor would source investment opportunities. We review the quality of the team, the market opportunity, get a feel for the competitive landscape, and scan through the website, product demo or prototype.

We ask ourselves the main questions:
Is this project investable? Can it bring me a return?
Would I invest my own money into this project?
Can the team execute on the vision? Do they have what it takes to scale the business?

What specific metrics are you looking for?
Metrics are important for SaaS, B2C or very metric-driven businesses. We review CAC, LTV, revenues-to-date and traction.

For more intangible businesses, we don't get hung up on vanity metrics. We mostly estimate the experience of the team and their chance of executing well.

Generally speaking if your business is solving a real problem and your team has the right credentials to address it, your chances to get listed are high.

Any tip you can share to help founders get accepted?
Our decision criteria is very much aligned with investors selection criteria. The Angels Partners team is made of ex-entrepreneurs and investors so we speak the investor language. We want to make sure the projects listed have a real chance to get our investors' interest.

Any work you put in now will yield benefits down the line and help accelerate your fundraising process.

In your pitch, we suggest you to highlight your team, traction and revenues. Provide stats. Mention customers, especially the big brands, or any proof-of-concept you have signed. Communicate your long-term vision well. A demo video is a huge plus.

Make sure your valuation numbers and investment ask seem logical and are based on tangible needs.

Updated on: 17/09/2020

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