All you need to know about Angels Partners' pricing.

IMPORTANT: Angels Partners does not take any fee nor equity on the funds you may raise.

What pricing plans do you have?

We offer a 7-day trial on all our plans to help you get acquainted with the platform and make sure it's the right fit. You just need to select your preferred plan, complete your profile and get started on the platform. With this trial you can scroll through our investors list and even start creating your outreach campaigns. You can cancel the trial at anytime during this 7-day period and you won't be charged.

To obtain pings and open the dialogue with internal and external investors, you will need to start your paid subscription. All our plans give you access to all the features and equip you with all the tools and tactics to connect with investors and get meetings.

We offer three plans:
The Basic Plan ($99/month) lets you connect with 100 investors per month to start getting momentum with investors from our network and from our rich database. The objective is to get noticed and to quickly raise investors' interest.
The Boost Plan ($149/month) gives you access to 300 investors per month to accelerate the process and beef up your outreach. The goal is to boost your outreach campaigns right from the start.
The Prime Plan ($499/month) opens up the gates to 1000 investors per month to close your round in weeks not months. You know it's a numbers game and have no time to lose. Put your outreach on steroids and line up as many meetings as possible. In addition, you will benefit from a lot of perks: your profile will be highlighted with our investors and you'll receive support from our experts to make your outreach campaign a stand out.

How do I get in touch with investors?

The paid plans give you a number of pings: 100, 300, or 1000 per month. You can use a ping for each investor that you want to send your deck to. It will send a message to the investor's mailbox and monitor opens, clicks and engagement (the time spent by the investor visiting your profile and deck). You can send pings both to internal and external investors.

What is the difference between internal and external investors?

Internal investors are actively scouting for deals on the platform. They have been onboarded and expect Founders to reach out through pings. The more pings you have, the more conversations you can start.
External investors constitute the additional 100,000+ high-profile investors in our database. They have not been onboarded onto the platform and need to be contacted via direct email. Luckily, we let you set up outreach campaigns with high-conversion templates to get in touch with them and maximize your response rate. You can automate the campaigns to contact as many prospects as possible and get meaningful results rapidly. Each message counts as one ping.

The best practice is to use both tracks in parallel. You can create a list of your favorite internal and external investors based on your industry/location/investment range and their past investments. Then ping them individually when you're ready to accelerate engagements. Pings create real momentum and expedite your fundraising.

How do I upgrade my plan?

Log into your account, go to the pricing page and select your preferred plan:
As soon as the payment is finalized your account will be upgraded and the amount of pings will be credited to your account.

Visit our Benefits for Founders page to get a detailed list of our most important Founders FAQ.
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