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How to generate Warm Introductions

Introductions are the best way to get in touch with investors. Our plugin scans your LinkedIn network and identifies mutual connections you have with targeted investors. Your first-degree connections on LinkedIn will enable you to do this.

For a complete overview of the process, check out our demo video.

Follow this guide to start using our plugin and reaching out to investors!

Head over to the Warm Introductions section of the platform and use the available filters to search for relevant investors for your round.

Either add the investors to your list one by one with the “Find Intro” button or all at once by clicking the “Find Intro Paths To These Investors” button.

Select one of the two options:

Install the plugin and unzip the file on your computer. Next, head over to chrome://extentions. Alternatively you can access it from your extensions manager.

Activate the developer mode at the top right hand corner of your screen and click on load unpacked to select the folder you just unzipped. Go back to AngelsPartners and reload the page to continue. Launch the plugin from your extension list to connect it to your account.

We recommend pinning the plugin to your browser for easy access.

Once you're at set, head over to LinkedIn and launch the plugin.

Select the option that corresponds to your situation. It will define the number of actions to be performed every day. The plugin is going to search for the connections you have for every investor you selected in the first step of the process. Let it run every day until the stack of action is completed.

Return to AngelsPartners and create your campaign. These messages will be sent on LinkedIn automatically during your campaign. You can use these templates or edit them to your liking. They will be sent to your LinkedIn network asking for a warm introduction.

Submit your templates.

From this screen, you can select the connections that could introduce you to every investor with whom we found a mutual connection.

For each investor, select the connections you would like to contact to ask for a warm introduction. You can select one or many connections and edit every email individually to make them feel even more personal. If one connection does not respond or decline to your inquiry you will still have more opportunities.

Save your choices and move on to the next investor. You can also skip this step and select “Choose for me” to randomly select one or several connections from your LinkedIn network automatically.

You would need to repeat this process every day in order to finish your campaign.

Launch the plugin until it reaches the end of the action queue for the day and come back to this page to select connections.

You can review the progress of your LinkedIn campaign from your dashboard on step 3 and get a complete overview.

We recommend using this plugin in parallel with your outreach campaigns via email in order to maximize your chances of speaking to an investor. By reaching out to them via email and a mutual connection, you will show them you are resourceful.

Updated on: 14/12/2023

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